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Longarm Finishing
The Longarm quilting machine is the center of the finishing services provided by Top To Bottom Quilting. There are many techniques and effects that may go into finishing a quilt. The pricing of each technique and effect is primarily driven by machine operation time. To simplify the description of our services, we’ve broken them down into three categories:

Meander - Freehand quilting using varying flowing designs over the quilt surface. Medium to large designs can easily outline features in your quilt. Click here to see a few examples.

Pantogram – This finishing style may use a printed design that is “traced” with the Longarm machine from edge to edge. Many designs are available from elegant to whimsical. It generally requires more stopping, starting, and rolling than a flowing meander. This category also applies to quilts where a special design is done in a few quilt blocks. Please inquire for further details.  Click here to see an example.

Custom - This category includes all work to make your quilt into something extra special. Custom and complex stitching in boarders, special designs in multiple blocks, small stippling, etc. 

Backing, Batting, Thread

Top To Bottom Quilting offers 108” Muslin bleached and unbleached Backing.

Batting is offered in two choices:


  • Hobbs medium weight cotton batting
  • Mountain Mist 4 oz Poly batting

Top To Bottom Quilting uses 100% Cotton Signature Thread in a wide range of colors. For those colorful quilts, variegated thread is also available.


Two binding choice are offered:


  • Top Attachment
  • Top Attachment and Hand Finish

Quilt Top Preparation

The biggest factors in a finished quilt that lays flat, has little or no puckering and edges with no tucks are accounted for when the quilt top is constructed and prepared for finishing. Some factors can be accounted for during the finishing process, but for the best results, nothing beats a quilt top that has tight block construction, well pressed seams, boarders that are square, and fabric grains that run in the correct directions in the boarders.

The following steps should be taken when preparing your quilt for the finishing process:


1.  Flat, pressed seams are best done during construction. Running an iron over seams prior to finishing is still helpful.


2.  Square the quilt sides so that they are at right angles to the top and bottom. The sides should be parallel. The top and bottom should be parallel. This can be confirmed with measurements. This will enable the quilt to roll onto the frame of the Longarm machine properly.


3.  Clean off unclipped, excess thread on the surface. It can get caught in the hopping foot of the Longarm machine and cause unwanted results. Dark threads on the underside can show through lighter fabrics.


4.  Mark the center of the top with a safety pin. This helps us put the quilt on the frame correctly.


5.  If you are supplying the backing or batting, it must be trimmed eight inches longer and wider than the quilt top. This is required to put it on the machine rollers correctly.


Finishing Process
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